Application Platform

Prosper Technologies’ Application Platform combines data management and analysis technology, advanced visualization technology, and easy-to-use tools for rapidly building sophisticated data applications.

Prosper Technologies™ Data Engine: real-time tabulation, analysis and trending of data
The Prosper Technologies Data Engine makes it easy to quickly mine data for relevant insights. It supports the real-time computation of arbitrarily complex cross tabulations with dynamic weighting and balancing. Critical insights can be returned in seconds. Moreover, Prosper Technologies’ Virtual Data Store provides a single, normalized point of access for data from disparate sources thereby facilitating the creation of applications that integrate data from multiple sources.


InsightCenter™ fast implementation of custom data applications without computer programming
Prosper Technologies’ InsightCenter is a platform for developing custom data applications for delivery through a web browser or mobile device. InsightCenter makes it possible to create fully brandable data applications utilizing all of the capabilities of the PTDE without any computer programming. InsightCenter applications, moreover, are automatically customizable by the end user.


Data API: industry-standard, web service API provides complete flexibility by enabling easy integration with any custom application
The Prosper Technologies™ Data API enables computer programmers to easily access Prosper Technologies’ Data Engine capabilities over the Internet. Using industry standard web service technologies, the Data API makes it possible to integrate Data Engine capabilities with virtually any custom web or desktop application created using any common application development platform such as Java or .Net.

Data Widget: embeddable auto update custom charts
The Prosper Technologies™ Auto Update Data Widget is a component that makes it easy to embed individual charts in websites or other web applications. The Data Widget supports a variety of chart types including bar charts, gauges and time series charts. Data Widgets can be configured to update automatically whenever data is updated in the Prosper Technologies Data Engine data store, so the embedding site always displays the most current data.


Use of advanced technology for delivering insights to the appropriate users at the appropriate times.
Not all data applications require the same delivery format. Data exploration and analysis calls for a browser-based web application interface. Report or presentation preparation is best accomplished if the data is delivered directly into Excel or Powerpoint. Ad hoc data query while away from the office may best be accomplished with a smart mobile device. Prosper Technologies™ applications support the delivery of insights in all of these formats so that the most useful delivery mechanism is available for any particular task.