About Us

Prosper Technologies provides software and services for managing and analyzing data and for creating analytical data applications for the Web and mobile devices.

"Data are widely available. What is scarce is the ability to extract wisdom from them."

Hal Varian
Chief Economist, Google

Prosper Technologies is a Prosper company. Prosper is a business acceleration firm based in the USA. Since 1990, Prosper has helped its clients maximize productivity & grow revenues. Prosper specializes in providing Business Development & Marketing Productivity services with unique capabilities and expertise in:

  • Marketplace & Competitive Intelligence
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Integrated Marketing Systems

With a tradition of innovation for over 20 years, Prosper has provided market leadership and developed contemporary solutions to help companies at the top of their respective industries navigate change that impacts their business. Prosper has developed solutions that not only offer security in tumultuous times but bring companies to their peak of success when times are good.

Over the years, Prosper has cultivated strong relationships with top academics and leaders in various industries and associations in the U.S. to provide clients with a centralized "knowledge base."

Prosper offers its clients a proven record of success. From intelligence to alliances to marketing systems, Prosper is in the business of innovating smart solutions to help companies prepare for what's next.